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At Clínica Curull we have more than 25 years offering services in oral treatments and aesthetics, to cover all the needs of our patients.

Smile design

A revolutionary system that allows you to design the ideal smile for each patient considering their facial characteristics, their movements, their expression, etc.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening offers the solution to teeth that have undergone a change in color over time.

Composite veneers

The ideal solution to improve the aesthetics of our smile, eliminating tooth imperfections, and making the dentition more uniform.

Ceramic veneers

Ceramic veneers are the solution to many aesthetic problems and are the ideal formula to restore beautiful teeth.

Metal-free crowns and bridges

They are ideal solutions when teeth suffer from considerable damage or fracture and can’t be solved with a veneer.

Gum aesthetics

Periodontitis or pyorrhea causes red, swollen, and bleeding gums. It can be fixed with adequate periodontal treatment.

Invisible orthodontics

With the Invisalign technique it is ideal for adults, with it you can correct dental malformations without the usual metal braces.

Facial aesthetics

We can improve the appearance of the smile by filling facial, perioral and lip wrinkles with hyaluronic acid.

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Our patients Say

Georgina (Tarragona)

“They keep telling me: Georgina, what a beautiful smile you have!”

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Cinta (Tarragona)

“Thanks to the treatment, I now smile with confidence and peace of mind.”

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Albert (Tarragona)

“I have gained a lot of confidence. I finally speak without fear!”

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