Halitosis, one of the oldest social problems, popularly called “bad breath”, is defined as an unpleasant odour that comes from the oral cavity.

It is a demoralizing problem that has a negative impact on the lives of millions of people. For a long time, bad breath was associated with diseases of the stomach, maxillary sinuses, or lungs.

Today it has been medically proven that, in 90% of cases, bad breath comes from the mouth and is produced by the bacterial decomposition of food debris between the teeth, saliva, cells of the oral mucosa or blood between the teeth.

Currently, despite popular beliefs, there are effective treatments that allow changing not only bad breath but also help improve self-esteem and emotional problems derived from the patient with halitosis.


At Clínica Curull we are pioneers in the treatment of halitosis, we are the first clinic in the province of Tarragona that has Oralchroma, the most advanced technology in the diagnosis of halitosis.

Oralchroma allows us to measure the presence of sulphurous gases in the mouth, directly related to halitosis, which makes the diagnosis totally accurate and that we can successfully treat almost all cases.

Do you want to know if you suffer from halitosis? Answer the following questions and you can easily tell whether you have bad breath:

  1. Do you have a white or yellowish coating on your tongue?
  2. Do you experience dry mouth, thick saliva, or a burning tongue feeling very often?
  3. Have you experienced a bad taste sensation in your mouth (bitter, sour…)?
  4. Have you been using peppermints, mouthwashes, or gum to mask bad breath?

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Frequent Questions

If I have bad breath, does it mean that I have stomach problems?

The most common source of bad breath lies in the oral cavity, exactly in the gums and tongue, and it is the dentist who can help you solve it. Most of the patients who have bad breath tend to have periodontal infections, that is, gingivitis and periodontitis, diseases that if not treated in time favour the loss of all teeth and molars. A minimal percentage of halitosis has its origin in respiratory and stomach problems.

Can bad breath be "measured or quantified" in an objective way?

At Clínica Curull we have a device called “Halimeter” that allows us to measure the volatile sulphur responsible for bad breath in order to have an objective view of the problem and to be able to treat the pathology that produces it.

Are the use of specific pharmaceutical products for bad breath indicated for the treatment of halitosis?

The products that are marketed for the treatment of halitosis all they do is momentarily mask bad breath, but not treat it. To do this, we must know the exact origin of halitosis (oral or extra-oral) and thus be able to treat it correctly.

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Georgina (Tarragona)

“They keep telling me: Georgina, what a beautiful smile you have!”

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Cinta (Tarragona)

“Thanks to the treatment, I now smile with confidence and peace of mind.”

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Albert (Tarragona)

“I have gained a lot of confidence. I finally speak without fear!”

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