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Composite Veneers


Dental veneers are the ideal solution to improve the aesthetics of our smile. Specially, composite veneers, unlike other types of veneers, offer a more affordable alternative that ensures long-lasting and natural aesthetic results. We will be able to eliminate the imperfections of the teeth and make the dentition more uniform.

Composite is a very resistant material, aesthetic and adheres to enamel easily, giving it the desired shape so that it adapts to each dental need. In dentistry, they are used for several purposes:

  • For treating cavities, since it is a biocompatible material that allows the space caused by cavities to be filled.
  • To modify the shape and teeth anatomy, since the composite is modeled and applied to the tooth right in the area to be treated, giving the piece a new appearance.
  • In the fractured teeth repair, ensuring that the tooth structure is not affected.
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Placing composite veneers it is a simple procedure. The tooth’s surface is first prepared to increase adhesion and eliminate imperfections. Then the product is applied and given the desired shape, dried, and polished.

The latest generation composites contain materials similar to porcelain, so they can be given the exact tone of the piece. Without a doubt, we will obtain perfect aesthetic results.

At our dental clinic in Tarragona, you will find a team of professionals who will advise you and restore the splendor of your teeth.

Composite veneers: advantages of this treatment

Learn the reasons why this treatment is an excellent option to improve the smile and confidence of our patients at Clínica Curull.


They are a more affordable option compared to porcelain veneers, making them attractive to many budget-conscious patients.

However, its lower price does not compromise the quality of the results. They are increasingly popular among those who could opt for more expensive alternatives, preferring to preserve their original teeth.


Unlike porcelain veneers, which require minimal prior dental carving, composite veneers are placed directly on the natural tooth in a minimally invasive way. This allows for a reversal of the treatment if necessary, preserving the integrity of the original tooth.


The composite offers easy manipulation for modeling and excellent adhesion to the tooth once hardened, which guarantees aesthetic, natural, and long-lasting results. Its color resembles natural teeth, contributing to a harmonious and attractive smile.

Successful stories

“I hit my tooth and now it’s getting dark”

The case that we want to share with you today is about a 32-year-old patient who comes to Clínica Curull worried because a few months ago she suffered a fall and her right central incisor was fractured. Despite not having discomfort, he could feel that he was getting darker. A blow to a tooth can cause irreversible damage, and it is vital to always go to our dentist so that they can assess the extent of the problem.

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Frequent Questions

When is it indicated to use composite veneers?

The main indications are in anterior teeth with small fractures, replacement of old deteriorated fillings or with a change in color, correction of imperfections in healthy teeth, alterations in shape or size (such as those that usually occur in conoid teeth, which for reasons congenital teeth are smaller), or to close diastemas (spaces between teeth) to restore contact points between teeth.

What is the difference between composite and ceramic veneers?

The difference is the material used. Composite ones are made of a resin that can imitate the appearance of a natural tooth. Over the years they can indeed wear out and lose their initial appearance, while ceramic ones never change. But if there is good care, composite ones can be maintained for a long time. In addition, they are cheaper than ceramic ones. It should be the dental aesthetic specialist who recommends, in which case the use of composite or ceramic veneers may be appropriate.

Is it a painful treatment?

It is a meticulous dental treatment, but very comfortable for the patient. Most of the time it does not require using anesthesia and is completed in a single visit. If you have odontophobia, at Clínica Curull we have different options so that this is not an impediment.

What can I do to make composite veneers last longer?

To ensure the durability of composite veneers, it is crucial to maintain excellent oral hygiene, avoid foods and drinks that can stain them, avoid biting hard objects, use a splint if you suffer from bruxism, abstain from smoking and attend regular check-ups for both dental and dental care of oral health as well as the veneers themselves.

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“Thanks to the treatment, I now smile with confidence and peace of mind.”

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“I have gained a lot of confidence. I finally speak without fear!”

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