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The Digital Smile Design (DSD) or Digital Smile Analysis is a revolutionary system that allows you to design the ideal smile for each patient, considering their facial characteristics, their movements when speaking, their expression gestures …

Knowing what the result of dental treatment will be is already a reality thanks to digital dentistry techniques.

There is a close relationship between the parameters of the parts of our mouth, lips, teeth, tongue, gums … influence the appearance of our smile. For this reason, for this technique, a series of photographs are taken and videos of the patient are filmed with which an individualized facial and dental aesthetic study is carried out. This allows visualizing the final result of an oral procedure.

The DSD has a great advantage because before starting the dental aesthetic treatment, the team of experts digitally design it and the patient can see it at the moment. But the most interesting thing is that we can directly test this design in the patient’s mouth, without altering any teeth, in a single appointment and without any additional cost.

With this system, both the patient can know the details of the process and how their smile will be, being able to give their opinion and participate at all times in order to achieve the desired result.

At Clínica Curull we have great specialists in digital dentistry. Before starting any treatment, both we and our patients are clear about the final result, so the procedure designed for your case is carried out with complete safety and confidence.

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Frequent Questions

What benefits does it have for the patient?

The patient will be able to visualize on a computer and at the same time try in his mouth a unique mold designed especially for him, appreciating how his new smile will be before starting the treatment. This mold or model made especially for him is called “Mock Up”. Through this technique, it is possible to increase the confidence of the patient towards the treatment and reduce the uncertainty about the result, by being able to check for himself how his smile will be previously and in his own mouth.

What tests are needed?

In a single visit, we take an X-ray and an intraoral registration using the Itero 3D scanner to know the shape of your teeth and their occlusion. We also took a series of photographs and a short video to get information on the patient’s face, their movements, the shape of their lips, their gestures when speaking and smiling … With all this information and in a few hours we can design, with specific software, such as the fully personalized ideal smile.

In what treatments can this technique be used?

It is very useful in all those treatments that will affect the aesthetics of the smile and, consequently, the general image of the patient. Through Digital Smile Design we can plan the future shape and size of the teeth, helping to design ceramic or composite veneers. In the case of very worn teeth, it will be essential to evaluate aesthetics, phonetics and occlusion. And it is also essential to plan orthodontic treatment or rehabilitation with totally precise implant-supported prostheses and much safer, minimally invasive and computer-guided interventions.

Our patients Say


Georgina (Tarragona)

“They keep telling me: Georgina, what a beautiful smile you have!”

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Cinta (Tarragona)

“Thanks to the treatment, I now smile with confidence and peace of mind.”

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Albert (Tarragona)

“I have gained a lot of confidence. I finally speak without fear!”

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