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Specialist in Paediatric Dentistry and Conservation Dentistry

Dr. María Luisa Pérez

I am very lucky to work in a clinic with very enthusiastic delivery and dedication. It has everything necessary to offer a high-value dental service: individualized treatment, comprehensive assessment of the patient, professionalism, values, technology, resources, training, effort and motivation of the entire team.


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My Career path

The integrative vision of the patient is essential for me, and for this reason it is essential for me to continue studying and expanding knowledge in other medical specialities, in addition to dentistry. My way of seeing dentistry goes far beyond teeth.

The most satisfying thing about my profession is being able to educate about health and work on prevention. However, when there is already an imbalance, I am passionate about collecting all the data, analysing it and finding the clues that help me identify the causes of the pathology or dysfunction that the patient presents. I cannot conceive of treating only the consequences without investigating and treating the causes: diagnosis is the most important part of our work.

I always want and will want to continue learning, reading, and training to be better every day and thus be able to offer increasingly better solutions to the new challenges that arise in my work. I feel a lot of responsibility and a lot of respect for all patients, and that is why the most significant thing for me is that they are completely satisfied and happy with the care and treatment received.

My Training

Collegiate number 6691 COEC (Official College of Dentistry and Estomatòlegs of Catalunya)
Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry and Conservation Dentistry.

  • Graduate in Dentistry (University of Barcelona)
  • Postgraduate in Early Transdisciplinary Treatment in Orofacial Dysfunctions with Dr. Marisa Santos and member of the Ortokids Academy
  • Airway Focused Dentistry with Dr. Genny Duran and Dr. Eider Unamuno
  • Continuing training in Dentistry Focused on Airways with Dr. Patricia Cubells
  • Up-lock Rehabilitation and Breathe 4.0 with Forwardontics with Dr. Sandra Kahn, Dr. Wilfried Engelke, Dr. Marisa Santos
  • Orthopedics and orthodontics from pregnancy for deciduous teeth with Dr. Silvia Chedid
  • Evidence-based jaw orthopedics with Dr. Claudia Restrepo
  • Love Early Ortho with Dr. Víctor Marco at Ortholab Lessons
  • Diploma in Pediatric Dentistry (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya) and Modular Course in Pediatric Dentistry (MIT dental). Continuing training in Pediatric Dentistry with Dr. Daniela Elorza, Dr. Yaiza Cuba, Dr. Jenny Abanto
  • Training in minimal intervention dentistry (MIT dental – Dr. Patricia Gatón). Continuing training in minimal intervention dentistry with Dr. Carlos Villavicencio, Dr. Rocío Lazo, Dr. Eraldo Pesaressi, Dr. Carlos Imparato
  • Continuing training in bruxism, dental sleep medicine, GoPex, oral habits and orofacial function with Dr. Claudia Restrepo, Dr. Marisa Santos.
  • Continuing training in Molar Incisor Hypomineralization with Drs. Aldo Ivan Guzmán de Hoyos, Dr. Rocío Lazo, Dr. Camila Palma
  • Postgraduate in Dental Aesthetics (University of Barcelona). Continuing training in Dental Aesthetics at Autran Dental Academy with Dr. Fernando Autran, at the Berbís Estela Clinic with Dr. Vicente Berbís and Paulo Kano.
  • Digital Smile Design Course (Berbís Estela Clinic).
  • Postgraduate in Endodontics (Catalan Society of Dentistry and Stomatology). Continuing training in Endodontics at the International University of Catalonia, among others.
  • Continuing training in Restorative Dentistry with Dr. Roberto Tello, Dr. Carlos Villavicencio

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Clínica Curull maintains a very active corporate social responsibility, policy collaborating with different entities and in various social projects.