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Here is based on scientific evidence with personal and close treatments

Periodontics is the dental specialty that Prevention encompasses, diagnosis and treatment of gum disease. The most common periodontal diseases are gingivitis and periodontitis, commonly known as “piorrea”.

Periodontal diseases affecting the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth by infectious cause. If the bacteria around the teeth are not removed on time, They can get to be introduced inside the gums and cause bone destruction around the tooth painlessly. Sometimes, periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss if not treated early.

If these symptoms are perceived must go to the dentist for a Ranking. The gum problems are not a natural aging process to which you can not do anything, if done the appropriate treatments and consistently apply the advice of you may return to normal. The treatment is based on the mechanical disinfection with hand instruments or ultrasonic. It is not a painful treatment and can be performed under local anesthesia if desired.