Dental Implants

implante dental Tarragona

If you want to restore teeth when you were young, You can now

A dental implant is a artificial root that arises quirúrgicamente, under local anesthesia, inside the jawbone. Later, After a healing period, connected a prosthesis or sheath. The restoration of missing teeth using implants can replace missing teeth without damaging neighboring teeth, maintain bone height preventing the collapse of the gingiva and improve the appearance of the smile.

Thanks to a new computer guided dentistry can recover the lost tooth, or teeth, in a single session using keyhole surgery. This innovative technology makes the post-operative is shorter, without pain or inflammation and allows faster recovery so you can eat from the same day.




The success of the implant is greater than 95% and no immunological rejection. If an implant fails can be replaced by another of the same size after healing, something very important in patients mainline.

Clinical Curull offer the possibility of "Implants and teeth in a day" in cases where bone is favorable anatomy. Typically these are situations where aesthetics is required or where all the natural teeth are useless and should be removed. At the same time of extraction and the implants are placed, a few hours, a fixed prosthesis is also placed to allow a normal life.