Bruxism is the unconscious action rechinar o apretar los dientes intensamente

More and more people who suffer from this ailment, which is considered the reflection of the stress on the teeth and in the mouth. Bruxism tends to affect women more than men and especially among 20 and 40 year old.

The diagnosis is usually made during a dental exam: the surface of the teeth, which typically has a similar appearance of peaks and valleys, becomes completely smooth. Sometimes a click is also seen to perform the movements of the joint when we open our mouths, al eating al yawn.




The symptoms of bruxism are such as headache, earache or toothache and discomfort in the jaw or chewing.

The recommended treatment is a bite splint to wear at night. It is a custom made mouthguard. It aims to keep your jaw in a more relaxed position, prevent teeth to rub together and protect the joint.

In addition to treating the symptoms, must learn to relax, Daytime dedicating, a while to rest the jaw muscles, teeth and tongue through massage area.

Should avoid certain foods hard as some nuts, undercooked meat or candy, and do not make too big bites that require us too open jaw. It is not recommended to chew gum or biting nails.