Invisible Orthodontics

The invisible braces is ideal for adults

Con la técnica Invisalign dental defects can be corrected without the usual metal braces. El tratamiento Invisalign consiste en una serie de aligners virtually invisible and removable that are changed every two weeks a new set of aligners. Each aligner is manufactured specifically for the patient. As it is changing aligner, they move teeth, slowly, week after week, until they are straight and in the final position prescribed by the dentist.

This orthodontic technique, besides the obvious aesthetic effect is particularly useful in the adult patient suffering from periodontal disease. Because this type of patient should maintain strict control of their oral hygiene, Invisalign offers additional benefits over conventional orthodontics to be a removable orthodontic. De esta forma el paciente se quita la ortodoncia durante las comidas y se cepilla canadian pharmacy cómoda y sencilla antes de volverse a colocar el alineador.

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